Here are our 2013-2014 Instructors and Staff.  It is our goal to give your dancer the best dance instruction in a caring and encouraging environment.

We are proud that all of our instructors and staff are CPR and First Aid certified.  


Rebecca Harris Wear, Studio Director - Fairytale Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Performing Company, Barrebodies, Strength Training & Conditioning

Marisa Menkins, Artistic Director - Jazz, Jazz Technique, Performing Company

Wendy Berton - Barrebodies

Kristie Campbell - Fairytale Ballet, Ballet, Contemporary, Performing Company

Ashley Davison - Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Technique, Dance Team

Clarissa Espino - Fairytale Ballet, Ballet, Contemporary, Performing Company

Norma Mace - Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop,  Dance Team

Roxanne Olson - Adult Ballet

Sandy Shaner - Fairytale Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Children's Theater 

Amy Taylor - Ballet

Andrea Thompson - Ballet, Performing Company

Erika Walter - Tap, Performing Company